Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gumball and Darwin The Cupcakes

Thank you Fida.

Actually dah panjang lebar I type this entry. But somehow....there was a problem that it can't save..purfffh!!!...
malas tau dah taip panjang lebar tapi at the end hilang macam tu sajork. 

So.....we start all over again ya. Kali ni simple jer.
My customer...which is Afidah..eheheh ask me to create Gumball and Darwin cartoon cupcakes for her son birthday which is I memang dah terotomatik watch it with my son. Cartoon ni macam hahahaha ntah apa-apa...
but entah apa-apa pun I layan juga.

It was fun..I mean seriously.....supper best when you kena create a fondant dumball.
cam nak tergelak pun ada..."eh! betul ke muka dumball ni?" ahahah
but at least I make it kan...

complete with clear box and ribbon and tag also.

so enjoice!

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