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I am Netty Noreen......
I'm working, part time student and the same time I do baking!

I love dessert...sooo much.....who don't like dessert...get the hell out of here *0* ahahah kidding!
and I love cupcakes tooo..I am looking to open a cupcakes business in the mall and I'm hoping that within the next 20-25 years I will be running my own cupcake business at selected mall......I wish! and harap I'm still alive muahahahahah....

Sooo for the mean time, I run a small cupcake business and things are progressing well but depends on my working schedule and also my part time study. 

I hope, you guys..yes you! love my cupcakes, cake and any dessert from my blog.....
and please do enjoy eating them all.....okee..

hugs and kisses..
notti netti cakes and cupcakes
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