Thursday, September 18, 2014

Nutella Chocolate Banananaaaaaaaaaaaaa

thanks dear friend
hope you like it.

Nothing much to say about the cuppies but it's chocolate banana with Nutella frosting. Hey! super duper yummy kan. 

My customer (Amy) ask me to create a fondant 'rank in Royal Malaysia Police'.
I am so glad that she ask me to do it.

Thanks again kawan!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gumball and Darwin The Cupcakes

Thank you Fida.

Actually dah panjang lebar I type this entry. But somehow....there was a problem that it can't save..purfffh!!!...
malas tau dah taip panjang lebar tapi at the end hilang macam tu sajork. 

So.....we start all over again ya. Kali ni simple jer.
My customer...which is Afidah..eheheh ask me to create Gumball and Darwin cartoon cupcakes for her son birthday which is I memang dah terotomatik watch it with my son. Cartoon ni macam hahahaha ntah apa-apa...
but entah apa-apa pun I layan juga.

It was fun..I mean seriously.....supper best when you kena create a fondant dumball.
cam nak tergelak pun ada..."eh! betul ke muka dumball ni?" ahahah
but at least I make it kan...

complete with clear box and ribbon and tag also.

so enjoice!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cheese Cake Untuk Ex-Masscomm 99

Dah lama buat cake ni but just rajin hari ni baru nak masuk entry.

Rindu dengan kawan-kawan belajar U dulu. Even tho I didn't make it to final...but our friendship still goes on kan. Walaupun sometimes aku dah tak kenal langsung siapa dia ni...tapi mereka kenal aku, dah cukup bagus lah tu kan? ahahahhaha....rasa diri gojes taik kucin eheheh

By the way, Last time I promise them to bake chocolate cake but suddenly it turn up to a cheese cake. I don't know why but suka sangat buat cheese cake....berbanding kek-kek yang lain. 

Oh! the topping tu. Since buat pun ala-ala kelam-kabut...So capai mana chocolate yang ada. I don't really in to chocolate mana-mana cokelat Hersey's, Daim, Van Houton yang ada dalam fridge...semua I guna pakai. Ahahahahaha....

Walaupun I'm not joining them for the Raya gathering... as long as they like my cheese cake pun sudah memadai.


Next time gather-gather lagi I buat kek yang lain pula.  

Rindu pada kawan-kawan Advertising. Rindu kamu.

Untuk ex-boypren saya....saya tak rindu kamu sebab kamu jahat. Sekian.


Kek Hangit! My Cooking Mistakes

Blaming others is often a covers for ones own bad behavior.
Hey talking about me myself kan?.

Burning the cake especially. It happen to me at some point. 
As kakak-kakak and abang-abangan look right now. Pufhhh! was totally a mess disaster hahahah.
Not a chocolate cake, not a black color cake. But more on Hangus cake. Hey itu cheese cake  ya.

It happened when I incidentally fall asleep while waiting for the cake. 
I remember that it was 2.30 am after I put the cake inside the oven. Then tunggu punya tunggu until I hilang ahahah (sleep lah)....when I woke up...hey it's 5 in the morning...kannnnnnnn

So it almost what? 3 hrs in the oven. Bagus sangat Net!!! Such a good baker.

Nothing can do to help the cake. What to do when it burnt. Adehhh la. Cheese cake pula tu. I did try to remove the edges by carefully cut them off with a knife but it just make my cake look smaller and afraid the taste tak sedap.

But I try to do what I can...alter....ubah sana sini sikit but still the hangusness terserlah. The unpleasant smell memang no no la. For people to eat, cannot lah.

....what to own mistake.....

So...anyone face trouble like me??? eeheheh

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